May 05 / 2019

@the corporate convention centre

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DevSummit is the biggest gathering of tech community in Mongolia, bringing developers and tech professionals from various sectors and levels to create meaningful conversations in IT and provides a platform for companies to showcase their products and services.

In an ever changing and dynamic tech industry, there has yet to be organized a large-scale and global level IT event in Mongolia – which makes  DevSummit truly timely. The organizers of Dev Summit are professionals in tech industry in the community and through DevSummit seeks to strengthen the tech community and fasten the development progress.

DevSummit will bring together over 600+ tech professionals for an entire day and will consist of local and international leading experts’ speeches, lightning talks, knowledge transfer sessions, exhibitions and networking opportunity with the community.

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28+ speakers

Selina Liu

Software Engineer, Airbnb

Bayarsaikhan Volodya

COO, AND Global (LendMN)

Boldtulga Ganbaatar

Software Engineer, Uber

Ehab Eltayeb

Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder @ Promotion Craft

Nomin Uuganbayar

System engineer, MTA (State Tax Inspector RHCE)

Amarbayar Amarsanaa

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Gitlab

Otgonbayar PurevSuren

CTO, AND Global (LendMN)

Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan

CEO/Co-founder, Erxes Inc

Uranchimeg Gankhuyag

Project Manager, ANDSystems

Bilegsaikhan Bayarsaikhan

Sr Developer, ANDSystems

Dulmandakh Sukhbaatar

CEO/ Co-founder, Khuur Music Group

Shinebayar Gansukh

System Administrator, Erxes Inc

Nomin-Erdene Tungalag

System Architect, Veritech LLC

Ganjiguur Natsagdorj

Co-Founder, FIBO Cloud

Peter Choe

CDO, Steppe Group COO/Research Director, platform Truss

Tulga Gandavaa

CEO, Co-founder @ Callpro

Nyamzaya Ganbold

UX/UI Designer

Baatarchuluun Altanbayar

CEO @ Alphalabs, Co-founder of XAMT Cloud ERP

Chinbat Chindegsuren

Lead Engineer/Founder, Nasha Tech LLC,

Ochir Sanjaadorj

Sr Developer @ Arcane Strategies

Gereltuya Bayanmunkh

Engineer, Dentsu Data Artist Mongolia LLC

Usukhbayar Ganbaatar

Sr Mobile Developer, UBCab

Ganbagana Zolzaya

Senior Information Security Analyst, Golomt Bank

Altantur Bayarsaikhan

CEO, Nest Academy

Enkhjin Amarsaikhan

Sr Mobile Developer, Numur

Amarsanaa Agchbayar

CEO, Dentsu Data Artist Mongolia CTO, Data Artist Inc

Batzorigt Rentsen

Tech Lead, MLab

Batulzii Dashtseen

CEO/Founder, Sanchir Tech

Bilguun-Erdene Erdene-Jargal

CEO, Zeroday LLC

8 tracks & 4 workshop session

  1. Agenda
    8:00 Me Time
    9:00 Registration
    10:00 Opening: Amarbayar, Sr SRE @ GitLab
    DevOps/DevEx/SRE & Observability / Incident Management
    10:10 Batzorigt, Tech Lead @ MLab
    10:30 Shinebayar, SRE @ Erxes
    10:40 Bilguun, CEO @ Zeroday LLC
    11:00 Ganbagana, Sr Security Analyst @ Golomt Bank
    11:10 Peter, CDO @ Steppe Group
    Open Platform
    11:30Bayarsaikhan, COO @ AND Global;
    Otgonbayar, CTO @ AND Global
    12:00 Lunch/Exhibition
    13:00 Amarsanaa, CTO @ Data Artist (Dentsu)
    13:20 Chinba, Founder & Lead Developer @ Nasha Tech LLC
    13:30 Selina, Engineering Lead @ Airbnb
    13:55 Ganjiguur, Co-Founder @ FIBO
    Chaos / Resilience Engineering & Observability / Incident Management
    14:05 Amarbayar, Sr SRE @ GitLab
    14:25 Nomin, System Engineer @ MTA
    14:35 Coffee Break
    15:00 Panel: Career & Business Opportunity in Tech Industry
    15:50 Batulzii, Founder @ Sanchir Tech
    16:10 Ochir, Sr Developer @ Arcane Strategies
    Mobile Development
    16:20 Boldtulga, Software Engineer @ Uber
    16:40 Dulmandakh, CEO @ Xyyp
    16:50 Usukhbayar, Sr Mobile Developer @ UBCab
    17:00 Closing
  2. KT Session
    10:10Bilegsaikhan, Sr Developer @ ANDSystems
    10:40Ehab, Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder @ Promotion Craft
    13:00Altantur, CEO @ Nest Academy
    14:00Baatarchuluun, CEO @ Alphalabs, Co-founder @ XAMP Cloud ERP
    15:00Enkhjin, Sr Mobile Developer @ Numur
    15:30Ganjiguur, Co-Founder @ FIBO
    16:40Tulga, CEO & Co-Founder @ Callpro
  3. AMA
    10:30 Batzorigt, Tech Lead @ MLab
    11:00 Shinebayar, SRE @ Erxes
    11:20 Bilguun, CEO @ Zeroday LLC
    11:50 Ganbagana, Sr Security Analyst @ Golomt Bank
    12:10 Peter, CDO @ Steppe Group
    13:20 Amarsanaa, CTO @ Data Artist (Dentsu)
    13:45 Chinba, Founder & Lead Developer @ Nasha Tech LLC
    14:00 Selina, Software Engineer @ Airbnb
    14:25 Ganjiguur, Co-Founder @ FIBO
    14:40 Amarbayar, Sr SRE @ GitLab
    15:05 Nomin, System Engineer @ MTA
    16:10 Batulzii, Founder @ Sanchir Tech
    16:25 Ochir, Sr Developer @ Arcane Strategies
    16:40 Boldtulga, Software Engineer @ Uber
    16:55 Dulmandakh, CEO @ Xyyp
    17:10 Usukhbayar, Sr Mobile Developer @ UBCab
  4. Women in Tech
    10:30Gereltuya, Engineer @ Dentsu Data Artist Mongol
    Nyamzaya UX/UI Designer
    12:30Nomin-Erdene, System Architect @ VeritechUranchimeg, Project Manager @ ANDSystems


At DevSummit 2019, we are not only brining industry experts to give technical talks but we are also bringing exceptional leaders to come and provide hands-on workshop sessions on various topics. Some highlight of the workshop will cover areas such as building mobile app with flutter, UI/UX human center design, best practices around building e-commerce systems and even how to read Mongolian ID card with image recognition and AI model! Each workshop will have limited number of seats available so please remember to register ahead once the registration is announced via the FB event. DevSummit is For Developers By Developers - and as a developer, remember to bring your charged notebook to the sessions as well.


Tech industry has rapidly been moving towards one where women have more and more presence as time goes by. Today, we have exceptional industry female leaders in the industry and this will only continue to grow. At DevSummit, we support Diversity. As part of this support, we are thrilled to have 2 panel discussions with Mongolian female leaders in the tech industry and this session as a whole is called Women In Tech. Come to these panel discussions to hear about the challenges and success stories of women in tech in Mongolia and where we are headed. Remember: These panel discussions are open to everyone regardless of their gender.

#AMA (Ask Me Anything)

We realize that the time allocated to our speakers is simply not enough for them to share their life-long, hard battled experience. Therefore, after every talk we will have our speakers do an AMA session in a different room so that if you are interested to ask questions, exchange ideas or share your experiences you can stop by the AMA session and meet the speakers. Please remember that the AMA session for each speaker will have a limited time as well so be prepared to come with specific questions and be aware of other people who might be lined up behind you to ask questions too.